SKYSCRAPER – a newspaper sized comic one-shot

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SKYSCRAPER is a procedural crime story from Ryan K Lindsay,  Mitchell Collins, and Simon Robins that weaves in elements of the weird putting it somewhere between THE BLACK MONDAY MURDERS and LOST. It is a tabloid newspaper sized comic, printed on newspaper stock, and the result is something gorgeous and special. [Note: it will be folded in half when mailed to you.]

When the VP of KDP flies out the top floor and dives into the pavement out the front, there are a lot of questions to answer. Enter: Keene, an independent contractor brought in to help figure out how and why she died. What unfolds is a mystery spanning decades that becomes less about why one woman dies and more about why a building would conspire to make it happen.

This 24 page one-shot utilises a central conceit that can only work in comics – every single page is framed exactly the same way, it’s a front shot of the KDP building, but different panels and tiers of the page can jump around through time. Collins’ expressive and intricate inkwork delivers us characters and moments through zoomed panels and cutaway areas so each page jumps around in time to build a truly epic story.