Tales Too Stupid to Tell – The Collected Tales Volume 1

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Tales To Stupid to Tell takes old comics from the golden age of comics and changes the words, giving them a surreal, comedic twist. It takes straight horror, sci-fi or even romance comics and transforms them into something a bit stupider – and a lot funnier!

This book collects the first three issues of the comic and includes a new bonus story – for a total of over 100 pages of comics.

Whether you love retro art, comics, or just enjoy having a laugh, this collection has something for you.

Reader’s review of Tales Too Stupid to Tell:

“Quirky comedy with an edge!” – Nicola Boyd

“Vintage style with modern comedy gold” – Kay Leanne

“Very few things are laugh out loud funny, these comics will you in stitches.” – Kyle Parfitt

“The comics your mother warned you about.” – Amanda Jane Preston

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