Greener Pastures #7 and a half


“Spinning the Yarn”

What ever happened to Greener Pastures? What happened to the characters? What happened to the creators? GP#7 and a half reveals all. Sort of. Meet the mysterious business-suited man who “spins a yarn” and his ill-fated secretary Rebecca, in what is probably the weirdest story yet to be wrapped up in a Greener Pastures cover.

Greener Pastures was consistently nominated in nearly all relevant categories for the OzCon Awards between 1994 and 1997.

16 pages. B/W interiors. B/W gloss covers.
Note: Original cover price from 1998 is no longer applicable.
Note: Many copies are far from mint condition as the only copies now available to the publisher are returned stock from newsagent distribution.

Ships From: Australia

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