Job Dun, Fat Assassin 2016 Stylin’ Edition


The 2016 Job Dun, Fat Assassin Stylin’ Edition is here!

It’s the 22nd century – do you know where your culture is at?

Forget the Spectacle! Forget the Brand! This shit goes arse-deep! Join the lifestyle wars, where buying is what you are and rebellion is target marketed for attention! Resistance, dear shoppers, shall be commodified. Choose a side!

Join Job Dun as he battles <deep breath> lifestyle warriors, pushy parents, bullet-dogs, shoe-snobs, gun-popstars and their smug shills – even spend a quiet day with Dun as he chills at home, offering an insight into the man himself (it’s fine, its short). All rounded out with a four-page ad-supplement for those needing the total consumer experience!

In keeping with the current trend for niche-marketing measurables that don’t mean very much, Job Dun, Fat Assassin is Australia’s ONLY comic about a fat-man assassin set in a 22nd Century digital dystopia, illustrated by a variety of Australian and international artists.

In this issue, from Australia: Tom Bonin, Ben Michael Byrne, Noelle Criminova; from the UK, David Bus, Kevin Harper, Joe Palmer; from Canada, Michael Adam Kindred, Khan Vokers. All lettered by UK’s Bolt-01!

With a cover, ‘Dun on Toilet’, by Michael Adam Kindred, that also doubles as a delightful location-for-reading suggestion.

Not since the days of Britain’s imperial reach has the Commonwealth been so united in its cultural hegemony!

Written by hack/hair actor (ret)/dancer (no)/social media-darling and current smut-peddler, Mark Hobby, this full-colour issue is 36 pages, jam-packed full of false consciousness and completely self-aware of itself as a commodified artefact up for sale, with a thin veil of irony the only thing that stands between it and total hypocrisy!

Buy it and let your dreams come true.