Sik ‘n’ Rex, Bullet Dogs!


Job Dun has a spin-off*!

In other news:

Ripped from the pages of Job Dun, Fat Assassin comes the lo-fi, meta-sci-fi series Sik ‘n’ Rex, Bullet-Dogs! Looking to become the big mutts in town, these wanna-be thugs bite off more than they can chew when they come up against a local seductress with plans of her own. With Job Dun the only one who can save them, the question is: can he be bothered?

This has hand-jobs, dumb dogs, big slobs, rim jobs. If I have to tell you that this one has it all, then you ‘ain’t been effing listening. LISTEN!

Written by Mark Hobby and illustrated by Michael Adam Kindred, Sik ‘n’ Rex is 32 pages in full colour, featuring the lettering talents of Bolt-01!

*Random Boner – Urban Dictionary

Ships From: Australia

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